Art On The Hill took place in ‘Church On The Hill‘ Battlefield Queens Park G41 3DJ Glasgow during the May 2014 Southside Fringe Festival in Glasgow.

It will return very soon as a permanent arts space with art studios and a rolling constant exhibition, classes and artist demo’s.  To inquire about studio space email us on fringefestivalart@gmail.com

The aim of this exhibition was to act as an artist run platform, where by the artists can show in a professional large group show without the prohibiting costs of mainstream art fairs and also allow the public access to the diverse breadth of artistic talent that is rampant in Glasgow., as part of the Southside Fringe Festival in May 2014.  We aim to be something of a new Glasgow Art Fair showcasing the work of around 100 artists. Bringing together select fresh faces just starting out,  recent graduates from the Glasgow School Of Art, seasoned professionals and even some artists from Edinburgh!

We are very happy to be part of the Southside Fringe Festival, very happy to have secured Church On The Hill as the venue to host the show, and very happy to present the truly diverse and talented artistic community to a wider audience.

It must be noted that unfortunately our venue does not have disabled access, the show is in the upstairs of the church which is currently un-used by the owners.  We apologize to those that this restricts. 

Some of our artists are well established, some just starting out. But we welcome them all equally and hope you enjoy the art on show. Come an introduce yourself to some work by the artists who choose to call Glasgow home.

 FIND US ON FACE BOOK HERE https://www.facebook.com/artonthehill14?ref=hl

Twitter – https://twitter.com/fringeartexpo


art on the hill

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