Liz Tainsh

Liz Tainsh

I am an Edinburgh based photographic artist and designer applying my images to a range of materials and surfaces to create beautiful yet functional art, such as light features, soft furnishings, bespoke cushion covers, blinds, lampshades and wall hangings, digitally printed from my portfolio of botanical and abstract images .

My background is in teaching within Community Arts where my specialism lay in tape slide production and photography.
My work is influenced by many years experimenting with slide-making and projection techniques.
I am fascinated with the play of light and shadow and scale, and am particularly drawn to the use of light to reveal the translucent, delicate quality and intricate patterns and shapes found in nature when seen up close and magnified , whether it be through the lens of a camera, projector or more recently that of a microscope.
Liz Tainsh : Studio 6.11 Art’s Complex, St Margaret’s House, 151 London Rd, Eh7 6AE

liz tainsh

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