Eleanor Logan

Eleanor Logan

Having worked in the book retail industry for many years, I am now taking time to make objects from materials I love. A lifelong beachcomber, I am fascinated by the history and “memories” of things I have found on beaches, especially driftwood, sea glass and pieces of patterned china. How do these objects come to be washed up on that particular stretch of the coast and where did they originate?

I make boats and mirrors from these found objects, all unique and hand crafted from my home in Alloa, which is about as far away from the sea as you can get! So there is always an excuse for a trip to the coast to gather a fresh batch of materials. I can also customise the boats with hand embroidery to make a bespoke and unique gift for all occasions.

you can reach Eleanor on eleanor.logan@chaptertwenty.com


Eleanor Logan


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