Chris MacRae

Chris MacRae


Chris MacRae was born in Inverness in 1978 to Skye parents. He spent his summers in Skye as a child and, following his technical training in photography in Glasgow, he lived for three years on the island. He currently lives in Denny and travels frequently to the Highlands to visit friends and family, when he takes the opportunity to capture the beauty of the Scottish countryside.

With a passion for both Scotland and photography, he has merged his two loves producing stunning images of his homeland on black and white film. He has endless patience and spends hours in all weathers and at all times of the day and night waiting to capture the perfect image. He produces photographs which portray both the gentleness and the ruggedness of the Highlands and the ever changing colourful and moody treachery of the Scottish weather.

Chris MacRae

Technical Information

During my time as a photographer, I have owned and used many different cameras, from 35mm to 5 x 4 large format. Currently, I am using Hasselblad and Fuji medium format cameras for my personal work. Using mainly Ilford black and white films, I do all my own processing, allowing me complete control at every stage.

The images are hand printed on museum quality double weight fibre based silver gelatin photographic paper. The prints are then selenium toned. This process converts the silver in the image to silver selenide, which is particularly resistant to oxidising gasses in the environment, thus improving the archival qualities of the print. Selenium toner also increases the maximum black of the image and gives the shadows a warmer tone. The result is a print which should last for at least a century without fading or changing in appearance.

you can see more of Chris’s work on

chris macRae



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