Stuart Murphy

Stuart murphy

‘Born and bred in Kilbirnie, the furthest back I can remember making any kind of art, would be painting my initials in red and green on newsprint at Play School. So, you could say my early art career involved text based work using complimentary colours.
I mainly work in the practice of drawing and painting and at times intertwining both. I have a fascination with the head and figure which is a recurring theme in my work. Common motifs such as spheres, cubes and various mark-making techniques regularly appear in and out of my work. Repetitiveness is my standard way of working, using symbols and motifs from religion, mysticism and alchemy as well as shapes and forms that have appeared in previous works many times over.
Subject matter, concept, plot or idea are never much of a concern in my work. I prefer to rely on, as already mentioned, repetition, motifs, symbology as well as the illogical, the nonsensical, the opposite, the asymmetrical, chance procedure, free association and different forms of composition. These, I like to think as companions for laying foundations to a new work. Between the blank canvas and myself is a conveyor belt of all these symbols, forms and incoherencies providing open ended consequences that I either take on board or edit out.’

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Stuart Murphy

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