Yvonne Taylor

yvonne taylor

Yvonne graduated from Glasgow Art School in 1998, receiving the American friends of the GSA award and was a Sotheby’s International Young Artist, 1999. Trained as a sculptor, she now works primarily in Acrylics & Oil on canvas.

Artist Statement

As far back as I recall I have always made art. I work on a wide range of subjects – landscapes, abstract landscape, still life, life drawing, portraits and anything that inspires me. I employ many different techniques and mediums depending upon the subject matter that I work on.

Much of the inspiration for my paintings comes from the stunning natural Scottish landscape. I love the quality of dappled light in the forests, the ever changing visa; a swift turn on the path leading to glens, mountains and seascape. I am intrigued by an implied human presence within my subject matter, the juxtaposition of the subjects and use of colour create a narrative, suggesting emotions, time and place without direct statement.

In my paintings I aim to capture the inner luminosity through use of extended layers of glaze and chiaroscuro, in some work I incorporate a variety of materials with glazing to depict the texture of the subject, whilst in others only glazing.

I was taught by artists such as Ken Mitchell, Pete Beven, Jock McInnes, Norman Kirkham, and Tom Allan amongst others.

you can see more of Yvonne’s work on http://www.yvonnetaylor.org.uk/



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