The Forgotten Collective

Forgotten Collective



The members of The Forgotten Collective come from the UWS B.A(Hons) Graduating Class of 2013. Having graduated in July, The Forgotten Collective have already utilised the experience and drive gained from organising and funding Degree Shows in 2012 and 2013.Although in its infancy, last year was a particular successful year for the Collective, with popular exhibitions staged in various venues across the city of Glasgow. We hope that 2014 will also prove to be huge successes, which only serve to further enhance our reputation. 

Individually, members of The Forgotten Year have also been involved in a number of successful solo and group exhibitions, receiving praise from their peers and building an understanding of the kind of spaces and connections that are available to them 
Members have appeared at “Futureproof” in Glasgow and Aberdeen, “Best of” in Glasgow and also have been involved with established groups such as Document Scotland, Govanhill Community Renewal and the Peoples History of Paisley. 

As you can see each member hails from differing backgrounds in photography be it from street photography to documentary. The images produced with the Forgotten Collective are always of a high standard and comment on the society that we live in today. We as photographers strive to understand the world that we live in and with our photographic work we hope to share with the viewer our own interpretation of life. 





The Forgotten Collective




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