Susan Laws

susan laws“Susan Laws graduated from the School of Fine Art (Painting and Printmaking BA Hons 2012) at The Glasgow School of Art and has been working as Artist/Illustrator from her WASPS Studio in Glasgow city centre ever since. Her work is a combination of illustration and fine-art mark making. Susan has a cross media approach to making work (from painting and drawing to wood engraving and printmaking) and there is a high emphasis on imagination and flexibility in her artwork, catering each piece stylistically to the needs of the commissioning client, company or product. She has worked broadly on Illustrations, Portraits, Murals, Design work, Catalogue Artwork and Posters/Promotional materials. She hopes to develop her own ideas for printed textiles and some writing and book illustration in the future.”susan-laws-003 “Much of my work is governed by the quest to explore and understand my stance on “beauty” and what I perceive this to be. This exploration initially began with the idea of beauty, but not in an aesthetic sense. I became fascinated by the defiant nature of the word and its traditionally vast connotations. To me, it fiercely defies classification and has abstracted into something more elusive yet; beauty manifests most significantly in moments of undeniable emotion. Whether joyful or tragic, there is a sort of quiet reflection and poignancy in these moments. It finds me as a force not unlike the wind: it is clearly present though it is not conventionally “visible”. It is apparent more through its effect rather than its physicality. Touching and destructive all at once. Something that is at war with itself. I find this notion of duality within the subject fascinating. In a sense, I try to pin it down, to understand it better through the work that I make. I also use my practice as a way to process my own moments of beauty past and present. A way to celebrate or exorcise them. ”

you can see more of Susan’s work at



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