Ross Muir

ross muir

A 32 year old Glasgow based artist ..having left school at the at age 15 after the sudden death of my mother this derailed me and had a series effect on my later Teeange years . This manifested into a world of addiction .Fortunately i was able to break that cycle and have remained in recovery for the past 4 years experiencing life and what it has to offer with a whole new perspective but allowing my old life experiences to influence my art/subjects … being self taught i have encountered many obstacles my process of learning has been simply through trial and error. I have had a fearless approach to my art and goals regarding my art from day one . Art found me just over 30 months ago where i began to imitate my favourite virtuoso’s when i was reluctant to allow my own creative thoughts to be translated onto canvas. Thankfully as time passed my confidence and technique grew where i was able to allow my own ideas and concepts to flourish and my own unique style slowly began to find me …..



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