Rose Madder Jewellery

rosemadder-jewellery-002Rose Madder combines traditional craftsmanship and precious materials for a modern ease of wear and a contemporary twist. Pieces are constructed in silver, copper and brass, using semi-precious gemstones to accentuate, and patinas to highlight, deepen and intrigue. All designs are limited edition or one-offs and every individual piece is hand-crafted, therefore unique. Signature techniques include stone setting, detailed hand piercing, oxidization and surface texturing.
Clare Spencer, the silversmith and designer behind Rose Madder, is based in Glasgow, Scotland where she creates all pieces from conception through to completion.
Map based range, Lie of the Land, draws on cartography to celebrate Scotland’s beautiful landscapes, with cuffs, pendants and rings replicating the shapes of lochs and islands. Lie of the Land is designed to be tailored to a customer’s specification with, for example, a gemstone marking a place of birth, marriage or other significant destination.
All Rose Madder packaging is recycled and off-cut silver is incorporated into designs whenever possible.

For further details on Rose Madder contact through these sites


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