Rona Innes

rona innes

My drawings are partly observational studies and partly from the imagination. The starting point is often pencil, pastel, pen or charcoal. These drawings are then processed physically using destructive techniques like dropping ‘water bombs’ on them or wearing off parts of the drawings with corrosive materials or jets of air, creating defects that are the result of something happening by chance. There is always the potential to completely ruin the artwork as there is no ‘undo’ and the process must be carried out on the original! Using these techniques I try to create a sense movement within the static drawings.

Along with a passion for nature my influences include traditional Japanese woodcut prints, sumi-e and native and primitive art.

Rona has a BA Hons in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College and an MA in Computers in Design from Middlesex University.

You can see more of Rona’s work on




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