Roddy MacNeill

Roddy MacNeill

Roderick MacNeill is a prize-winning mixed-medium visual artist from Glasgow. He studied at Glasgow School of Art and has exhibited work in numerous venues and spaces across Glasgow and Edinburgh, including a solo exhibition at Krispy Kreme in Edinburgh as part of last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Roderick cut his teeth as part of the Glasgow creative collective 1030 alongside textiles weaver Andy Robertson, fashion designer Alan Moore and artist James Houston. Since then he has expanded his practice by participating at Glasgow Print Studio and by continuing his collaborative work most notably with London-based textile designer Catriona McAuley.

His work focuses on memory, formative experiences and synesthesia and how colour, pattern, texture and contrasting mediums can realise these themes. He recently won first prize at the Borrowed Space exhibition ‘Loch Life’ with his entry ‘Depths of June’ resulting in his first major solo show “Now is Then”. Roderick works primarily with print and acrylic generating various textures and patterns with a generous and rich multilayered approach.

Roddy-MacNeil-002you can see more of Roddy’s work on


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