Rachael Berman

rachael berman artist

Rachael produces mixed media and photography that illustrate her life experiences, social awareness, and experimentation of media.  Her work illustrates the struggle, power, and beauty of the natural world and prompts questions about human nature and progress.

She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from The Art Institute of Boston @ Lesley University in 2004 as a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship. Originally from West Lafayette, Indiana, Rachael also calls Boston, Glasgow, and South Korea her home. Her travels abroad have greatly influenced the subject matter and media of her work. She seeks opportunities within education, community service, and the preservation and celebration of the natural world. Rachael enjoys displaying her artwork outside standard commercial art galleries. Subsequently, her work has appeared internationally in salon studios, recycle centres, public schools, and public spaces in her effort to make art accessible to all people in some way.

rachael berman





One thought on “Rachael Berman

  1. one of the new artists work I am most looking forward to seeing in reality. Is it planets? The Moon? Exciting….

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