Jane Birrell

Originally from Carluke, Jane trained at Grays School of Art and works from her studio on the NE coast.

Her work has gained popularity and she now concentrates on developing her practice.  Jane finds the pushing of limits, the throwing away of the need to ‘represent’, brings freedom in her painting and she is a colourist in her approach.

Her Highland Cow paintings are appealing and humorous with bright, colours, tactile surfaces and richly applied paints. They have become Jane’s trademark; and are a highly commercial element of her work.  She says of them “If they incite a broad grin or a chuckle – I feel I have succeeded ”

Her semi-abstract landscapes are evocative, textural, layered and dream-like. She is influenced by the places she has lived in or passed through, and her work over her time in the Middle East reflects elements of Arabic culture found there. Back home in Scotland, some of these influences remain, and her work is an emotional response to the landscape.

Jane has paintings in private collections worldwide.

you can see more of Jane’s work on www.janebirrell.com



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