Frances Corr

Frances Corr

 Frances Corr

I attended Glasgow School of Art , completing first year in 1981, then returned in 2002 to complete a BA Hons degree in Fine Art, graduating in 2005. Over the years I have continued to paint and draw, basic skills such as life drawing and lifepainting being important to me.

Since art school I have been working on landscape based paintings, unconventional in that I made models of hills from clay or plasticene and used them to paint from. More recently my paintings have become smaller due to space restrictions but have found this an interesting development. At present I am working on tiny interiors in oil. I could say that overall my work addresses space.

I have exhibited my work in the Kirkintilloch Museum, the Lillie Gallery, and various venues such as the Botanic Gardens and have had some success in sales. I am also a writer.



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