Christine Mckee

christine mckee

Exploiting the very nature of photography as a medium of ‘truthfulness’ in order to create a ‘fiction’ is something which fascinates me. We realise that reality can be conveyed in many different ways and I am currently experimenting with collage as a means of exploring the relationship between the parts and the whole. I am Christine Hadfield (nee McKee) and consider myself an amateur photographer. Although I am a Spanish teacher by trade it is my time as a stay at home mum which has led me to developing my interest in photography. Many of my images have been taken while on family days out or in between school runs. I lived in England for 14 years, only returning to Glasgow 2 years ago. During these past 2 years I have loved ‘re-finding’ my home city, in particular the shop fronts, doors, buildings and characters that make up the colourful fabric of this vibrant place. I have dipped into various genres of photography but I love using collage to create an alternative vision of what is real.

you can see more of Christine’s work on




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