Chelsea Rodger


I am a 23 year old female vegan artist originally from Girvan, South Ayrshire. I studied at Ayr College for 3 years and  I am now currently half way through my 3rd year Contemporary Art Practice degree course at the City of Glasgow College, which I am finding rewarding and challenging! I work on a multidisciplinary basis from painting to printmaking to sculpture and so on.

I  am primarily inspired by nature and animals. Last year I was awarded the Creative Arts student of the year and have successfully sold a few large scale paintings with attention from the local Ayrshire newspapers! I have participated in a few group shows and I would really love to be a part of this one! My current themes involve abstraction, collage, foxes and other urban/persecuted  animals and taking them into a displaced composition whereby there are not completely themselves! I have also been approaching my work with an illustrative quality in some cases.

you can follow Chelsea on

Chelsea-Rodger-005 Chelsea-Rodger-006

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