Cath Waters

Cath Waters

Cath Waters is a photographer and digital artist living in central Scotland.

She uses creative photographic techniques to capture the essence of a
landscape then combines her photography with digital images of painting,
watercolour washes, crackle glazes and textures of peeling varnish, old
parchment, fabric, crumbling plaster, scratched metal…….all sorts of unusual
things to create her unique style of digital mixed media collages.

Much of the Cath’s inspiration comes from the empty beaches,
vast cloudy skies and contrasting light of the Scottish Coastline. There is a
strong sense of simplicity, space and solitude in her work, her compositions
often leading the eye to whimsical detail hiding in big open spaces.
Cath’s work can be purchased as signed limited edition prints in several either framed
or unframed in a number of standard sizes. Large Giclee prints and canvases
are also available.

To enquire about artwork, stationary and gifts please contact Cath by visiting or e-mailing

Cath Waters


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